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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barca vs. Valla de Mala: 4-0 victory

This great game was a great victory to Barca not only because of the goals, but because it led to winning the Spanish Cup and most of all beating Real once again. The started very easy for Barca with constant attacking the opponent and having most possesion of the ball. The game had its first goal thanks to Messi, which still stands as the #1 goleador. Then Messi, Bojan, and Pedro score the next 3 goals to finish the game with a celebration. If Barca keeps this up, we will be unstoppable.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Barca 1, Inter 0 = BARCA OUT OF THE Champions League!

We all knew that to beat Inter 2-0 in order to pass, Inter playing in their home stadium, was going to be almost impossible. But still we all hoped Barca pulled off a miracle in order to reach the CL finals. The first half of the game was played very well, but that did not last the whole game. In the second part, and we can't argue with this, Inter was the better team in the field and we have to accept that it was a fair loss. Still I feel Barca could of scored the second one. Sad day.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Barca - Inter: First Leg to the Champions League Final

This very important game that would decide who would play the final game of the Champions League against the german team Bayer Munchen, sadly did not end the way all barca fans wished it had. It started out with a great goal from Pedro. The play started with Maxwell who ran to the corner kick line and passed the ball right through the Italian defense to Pedro who scored the first goal of the game.

Not too much later, Eto'o made a center pass to Snijder who beat the Barcelona goalie Valdez, and scored the first goal for inter to be closer to the Champions League final. Then in the second half, Barca had not yet lost all hope until Milito passed the ball to Maicon which scored the second goal and then Barca players were giving up already.

As Inter continuos to gain confidence and Barca not playing their best, the Italian team continuos to attack us. In one of these plays Eto'o dashes with the ball, and as he sees Snijder near the post, he sends a high ball which leads to Snijder passing in in the other direction back to Diego Milito who crushes Barca with a third goal.

I have to admit that in this game Inter did play a better game than Barca. But still it sucks we couldn't win those points to have a chance to win the CL Cup for a second year in a row. This is going to have to be done next year.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Barcelona Vs. Deportivo Game Ends in Victory

After celebrating our victory to Real Madrid, Barca lost some shape. Even though the players shape wasn't their best, Barca was abel to defeated Deportivo 3-0. The first goal was scored very early (min. 15) by Bojan. The pass was made by Xavi, who quickly saw Bojan and passed the ball, scoring the first goal.

The Second goal was scored by young player Pedro, who took his chances 45 meters away from the net. This was a great goal not only because of the distance from where it was shot from, but also because the ball took a perfect curve and went in the bottom corner.

After a dry streak of goals, Toure finally scored in a game. The last goal of the game started of by a corner kick, why missed the plater that were meaning to score with their heads, and landed next to Toure kicks the ball with full confidence, and was applauded by all his teammates and fans.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Iniesta and Zlatan Out of the Game

Due to injuries from the last game Inista who played a short period of time in El Classico, and Zlatan who could not even play at all, will have to deal with these injuries for the next month approximatly. It is sad to the fans not to see these great players show off their skills in the League. But the good news is that even without these two players, Barca still wins and plays a great soccer game.

Barcelona-Real Madrid

Finally we got a chance to prove the classic rival Real Madrid who is better. With a final score of 2-0 Barcelona defeated and humiliated Real in their own stadium. The first goal was scored by Messi, just before the first half ended. Then Pedro scores the second one by challenging Iker, Real's goalie, to who is better.

I feel we could have scored some other goals in the game but those two were enough to prove ourselves. Keep playing like that Barca and we will have no more rivals in the League.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spanish Primera División Table

Here is the current Spanish Primera División Table, and unfortunately Barcelona is not 1st.

March 10, 20102009/2010 Spanish Primera División Table
1Real Madrid62202367201300441072323104762
4Sevilla FC4313483828742201260618161043
6Deportivo La Coruña